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Jeremy Robins has worked in field of youth media for 18 years, as an educational Coordinator at the Harlem Children’s Zone program TRUCE, and as a video instructor at Downtown Community Television (DCTV) and Educational Video Center.


“Break the Silence” (Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice / DCTV, 2006) A group of 9th graders take on the heavy issue of sexual abuse through research, visual imagery, and meetings with a social worker.  Ultimately they interview three abuse victims and learn about their experiences and their path towards healing. (Urban Visionaries Film Festival, 2006)

“Secrets Never Told: Stories from the Foster Care System.” (Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice/DCTV, 2005.)  Young filmmakers document the stories of two girls who are about to age-out of the foster care system, and use poetry and self reflection to examine their own lives. (Do It Your Damn Self Festival, 2005)

“Stuck in the Cycle: An Exploration of Teen Violence” (Bronx Guild High School / DCTV, 2005.)  Students from one of the most violent schools in NYC explore the roots of teen violence by interviewing their peers, an ex-gang member, and a friend who’s fresh out of jail.  (Award winner at the Urban Visionaries Film Festival, 2004)  

“Blacks and Chinese: A Mission Made Possible” (Lower East Side Prep / DCTV, 2008) Students at a racially divided high school go on a secret mission to find out what happens when cultural and racial barriers are crossed.


Columbia University Teacher’s College: 

    Holistic Youth Media Program Design (2002)

At Alliance for Community Media:

    Team Building in Youth Media (2003)

Partnership for After School Education (PASE): 

    Integrated Arts-Based Program Design (2000)

Citizens’ Committee for New York / The Door: 

    Youth Media and Social Activism (2001)

Independent Documentary and Youth Media



“Echoes of Incarceration”

A documentary about the effects

of the prison system on families, produced by young people whose parents are currently or formerly incarcerated.  Find out more HERE or watch the trailer below.